Founder: George Oakes

     I am a Traveller, Academic, Novice Historian, Veteran, and a practiced conversationalist. Throughout my studies, travels, and experiences I have learned a lot about myself, the ways to view the world, and other things I had never stopped to consider. 

     After learning these new lessons and perspectives, I wanted to find a way to share what I have learned with my fellow man and woman. I will be the first to tell you that I am not as gifted with the written word as many of my colleagues but I do know how to hold a conversation and more importantly listen.  

    That is why I created this podcast to share in these experences  and to invite others along on my journey as I question and listen to others from all walks of life on the Issue of Politics, World Affairs, and much more.

     For more information about the issues we discuss or if you would like to be on the podcast, Feel free to contact me


The R&WP Team

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Kaitlyn Musgrove


Audio Editor

Nel B.

Text & Article Editor(s) 

Cara Lindsay

Elli Rowe