Guests & Appearances 

The Rights & Wrongs Podcast works closely with other creative individuals in the podcasting and political communities. Here is more on our guests and their projects. Along with other platforms we have been privileged to guest on and collaborate with. 

Florida Gun Network

Hosted by J. Austain (Austin)

Austain (Austin) is a Firearm Instructor who has a passion to help both new experienced practitioners of this hobby He does this through His podcast The Florida Gun Network in which he does not speak at the audience telling them what he thinks they need to know as many Firearm podcasts. Instead,Austain takes a Q&A approach in which all of his episodes are a short 15-20 minute in-depth answer to a question presented to him by a listener. If interested you can send a question through Anchor. 
He welcomes all questions from those just starting the hobby to those with years of experience. For there is always something more you can learn and we all have different perspectives. 
Austin was kind enough to join me in a the two-part Episode 14  in which we discussed the complexities of the Gun debate in America.
You can find his Podcast & Message Austain at

Open Windows Culture

Hosted by J. Kevin Powell

J. Kevin Powell has dedicated his life to the education of how to recognize adversity in our society and create a better culture. He does this through His podcast Open Windows Culture in which he does not only bring us the audience aware of an issue but goes through great lengths to present us every possible perspective on that issue. He does this to promote the idea of his podcast which in his own words is ."An Open Windows Culture believes we often shut ourselves away from the ability to grow. If we open our windows, we become more open to understanding what drives other cultures. With that knowledge, we can begin to apply that understanding to who we are and, in fact, allow our own culture to be rewritten. An Open Windows Culture means we don’t shut ourselves off from learning from other cultures and we openly participate in sharing our culture with other people." Along with being a podcast host, J. Kevin Powell is an author of a book by the Same name Open Windows Culture.
You can find his Podcast and Book at his website

Here  Now the News

Hosted by Jerry Barmash

Jerry Barmash is a 30 year veteran of news media in the greater  New York City area. He has been a Radio News Anchor, Journalist, and most recently a Podcast Host. His podcast Here Now the News focuses on bringing us the listener interesting and important stories you may not even be aware of. He does this by interviewing fellow journalists, politicians, medical professionals, and other field experts to bring insightful and entertaining perspectives on the world around us. Jerry was kind enough to join me on episode 11 to give an insider perspective on what it has been like as a news media professional these past 6 years.  
You can Find his Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, I Heart Radio, and more!
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Founded by Alan Yeck

AltRaged was founded in Asheville, NC in 2020 By Recent Guest of Episode 10 Alan Yeck a former United States Marine & U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Corps Intelligence Specialist. Who has worked in Africa, Europe, Central America as well as 11 years in the Middle-East. He also served in higher education administration for several two and four-year institutions in the U.S. as well as overseas along with being the author of the theatrical plays, “2266” & “The Killing of American Higher Education,” Alan found AltRaged to confront the corrupt student loan industry in the U.S. on the belief that "the people should come before political parties. Today’s alternative political position isn’t on the left or the right but somewhere down the center – an often forgotten area in today’s political landscape. We believe that the two main political parties controlling American politics, and the systems in which they operate, are corrupt and owned by corporations, both domestic and foreign. These corporations, through their financial influence, dictate U.S. laws and policies to their own benefit, not only above the needs, wants, and will of the American people but more often to the detriment and destruction of the people and our country. AltRaged is based on the belief that all people regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, religion, national origin, or ancestry, have the fundamental rights to be treated with respect, justice, compassion, kindness, and freedom from fear."
You can find out more about Alans and his organization at

The Cogan Conversation

Host Allan Cogan & Producer Grant Brown

I, George Oakes the host of the R&WP had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on the  No. 28 Episode of  The Cogan Conversation Podcast. A podcast in which we drank whiskey and spoke politics, which are two of my favorite pastimes. Following their method of education and entertainment which in their own words is  "Whiskey notoriously loosens and relaxes you. Host Allan Cogan sits down to enjoy a glass and expand on myriad topics with understanding, nuance, and a desire to disarm the fracture that exists in our social interaction. Nothing helps fuel conversation than good company and good whiskey. Let's distill responsible drinking and respectful discourse with a good amount of #WhiskeyFueledOpinions." Allan & Grant have a great show which I highly recommend.
You can find out more about them and their projects at
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Dr. Thomas Hatvony

Professor of Social Psychology

Recent Guest Dr. Thomas Hatvany received his doctoral degree in experimental psychology from Oklahoma State University and is an assistant professor at Shippensburg University. His research focuses on motivation, goals, social influence, and the self. Which he spoke on along with other topics, such as cognitive dissonance, political parties, and aspects of self-identity. in Episode 8 of the Rights & Wrongs Podcast
to learn more about his research & other works visit his profile at 

Wrong Place, Write Crime

Hosted by Frank Scalise (Zafiro)

Along with being a Former Law Enforcement Officer and Crime Fiction Novisist, Frequent guest Frank Scalise (Frank Zafiro) from Episode 5 & Sidebar 3. is also the Host and Producer of the Wrong Place, Write Crime podcast. A program where he interviews crime fiction authors on their books and other aspects of mysteries, art, and life. Feature Episodes occur monthly and include in-depth guest interviews (primarily with authors of crime fiction, but not always), as well as quick-hit book reviews from the experts (mystery bookstore employees, reviewers, authors). Open & Shut Episodes of Wrong Place, Write Crime are shorter episodes that consist of a short introductory conversation with the guest, followed by a brief discussion of the guest’s work, especially the newest release. Open & Shut episodes will drop almost every Wednesday during the season.
You can learn more at his website

A Spoonful of News

Hosted by Hamish Hallett


I, George Oakes the host of the R&WP had the pleasure of being interviewed by Hamish Hallett the Host & Producer of A Spoonful of News Podcast, for the fourteenth episode of his show on Human Rights. He created this program with the aim to condense the madness and craziness of news and politics. Instead of using complicated phrases, bottomless buzzwords, and being dull, the podcast he created seeks to educate people about the most important events of the week from across the globe. If you like listening to something that is truly independent and genuinely unique, then definitely check out A Spoonful of News. To complete his goal of having better news and politics, along with fighting the polarization of modern politics. Hamish Hallett is open to having guests across a variety of industries and perspectives.


You can contact him at 


By Abe Drayton


Guest Speaker/Writer from Episode 2 on Environmental Rights & author of the article Disability, accessibility, and the end of the Long 20th Century  Abe Drayton is an experienced writer and speaker on many issues ranging from the crisis of Climate Change, and the social and economic issues threatening our global society. His work covers science, politics, economics, and social dynamics. He also explores these topics through speculative fiction. Most  Notable is his Blog Oceanoxia and his Podcast by the same name. If you are looking for a unique and creative perspective of the crises that challenge the world we currently live in. Along with some captivating stories of a not so unlikely dystopian future, I suggest reading his fictional and non-fictional works at 


Also, please consider supporting his work at Which you will be privileged to more of his captivating works.